I bought my first "fancy" camera as a single mom who had a shiny new credit card. I wanted more photos of my little boy but couldn't afford (or so I thought) professional photos being done. Becoming a photographer was always a dream and it still blows my mind that I'm living my dream TODAY!

Jaden's photos are great examples for showing my early days vs today. She has modeled for me the most out of EVERYONE. It's always been a fun thing for us to do together (btw, she's my sister!) and we really bonded over it.

Ugh! Seeing Ty's photos side by side makes my mama heart cry a little bit. He's grown up SO much in the past 6 years. He's not the biggest fan of having his photo taken. Recently when he had his photo taken at school he confessed he preferred me taking his photo vs someone else. That meant SO much to hear from my kiddo who once upon a time refused to let me take his photo.

Seeing my 2016 photos next to my 2022 photos I personally can see my growth. I relive every moment while looking at each one and smile at growth. Growth of these two amazing humans and growth in my photography. So grateful for these two and every time they unwillingly allowed me to take them on a little photography adventure.