Daddy + Daughter Dances have become a popular event in our area over the past couple years. Most small towns host them with fun picture opportunities, plenty of room to boogie and fun accessories, drink & snacks to purchase. 

For as long as I can remember Clint has talked about taking Wreny to one of these dances. So this past spring when Hillsboro had one I bought them tickets so he could take her finally. He took her dress shopping and she picked out this pretty purple dress with a twirling tulle that would be PERFECT to dance with her daddy. Princess approved. 

She got herself dressed, let me do her hair exactly how she wanted it and then requested we do pictures before they left for dinner.

She is our only girl and she is every bit a girly girl that loves to dress up and do her hair & makeup but also she's not afraid to get down and dirty in said dress. She is so much fun at this age (every age!). 

We snapped some photos and then they were off! 

They both had a great time but once she was ready to leave her dad brought her back home. She told him she wanted her mama which of course melted my heart. Wren gushed about how much fun she had and didn't leave a single detail out on their little adventure. I love that her dad was able to take her this year, that's a core memory she will hold onto forever.