Growing up I spent a couple summers with my Aunt Michele & Uncle Fred. Looking back I don't think I appreciated spending time with them enough as a kid. Those trips were like "mini vacations" away from reality. They live just far enough it feels like a trip but not too far to celebrate holidays, weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties. Michele is my mama's oldest sister and they share the same birthday with my mom (the baby of the family) being born on Michele's sweet 16! They come from a family with 11 kids so holidays and celebrations are really a party when everyone comes. 

This past summer my Uncle Fred & Aunt Michele celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary surrounded by family and friends. People came from all over to celebrate with them. Just when you thought the room couldn't get fuller the door was opening again with more people coming in. It was so amazing to see so many people that love them show up for them!! 

There was a wedding cake with the original cake topper. Michele's dress was displayed beautifully. Photos spread everywhere showing them over the years. There was also a cute little photo spot for guests to have their photo taken by a different photographer. It was just a wonderful experience to be a guest (and photographer!) to be there for such a special day. 

I shot through out the event and did family portraits with only one of their family members missing! Loved being able to photograph such a special day!!