I've been trying to wrack my brain about whether or not this gender reveal was my first or not but I honestly can not remember going to any other big shindig before now. I personally never did any BIG gender reveal with any of my 3 babes. With Ty I simply posted I was having a boy and his name. With Wreny I posted a video of Ty finding out she was a girl and then later did a name reveal on FB. And with Tucker I did a simple FB post announcing he was a boy and his name since we were in the height of the pandemic by then. Over the last decade gender reveals have become a fun way for family and friends and sometimes the parents too to find out a baby's gender. This gender reveal was a little extra special with it being my sisters.

Family from both my sisters side and her boyfriends side came together to eat a meal together and find out what sweet baby England is. It wasn't terrible weather but it was pretty toasty when in the sun. Everyone brought side dishes and deserts to share like a good olé potluck. When it came time to finally announce the gender they used poppers with pink confetti and smoke to announce baby England is a GIRL! 

River Mae is already so loved by so many and we all cant wait for her arrival!