I love LOVE because of sweet couples like Maizie & Brendon! They had the most PERFECT fall wedding last October. Family & friends gathered to watch them exchange their vows in an open setting on family property in the country. Chairs lined the burlap aisle where at the end was a beautifully decorated arbor. The groom cried as his beautiful bride was escorted down the aisle by her Grandfather who looked so proud.

Once they were announced man & wife and had their first kiss they and their wedding party made their way down the aisle where family gathered around them giving hugs & well wishes. After that we went into family portraits and bridal party portraits so everyone could start heading to reception. One of the special things the bride and groom did before heading to reception was exchange private vows. It was so sweet because they were able to step away, have a moment together before running off to celebrate!

The reception was had in St. Elmo where there was food, cake, and dancing. Thankfully we had a little bit of extra time to step outside for a few more bridal portraits before my time was up. They are some of my FAVORITE bridal portraits from the day. Check out a few of their highlights below!