When it comes to extended family sessions I generally tell clients they really should book an hour or more (depending on how many people/family units) to guarantee there is plenty of time to work with. 

All families are unique in their own way so every session is different but I always stick to my basics...

-Group Photo (EVERYONE)

-Each Family unit

-Each Family unit just kids

-Each Family unit couples

-All the kids together (w/ or w/out grandparent(s)

If I have extra time I try to take advantage and change up posing and add prompts to the set so there are more options to choose from. 

This particular family has a total of 7 adults, 2 young adults, and 3 kiddos. I have worked with them multiple times over the years (love my returning families!!) so they all knew going into this session what to expect from me and how I work. The energy was light and fun and the session flowed so smooth I couldn't believe when time was up. 

We were able to utilize this specific location in 3 different unique sets, each similar but different each time to give my clients options to choose from for their favorites!

This session was an hour long with everyone ready to rock n roll on time with no fuss which always helps sessions go smooth. 

Is every 1 hour extended family session going to be like this one? No. So many different factors go into it...


-The people (everyone cooperating)

-Time of day (lighting)


Now when you are doing extended family sessions involving littles my lineup looks a little different but we try to get all the basic sets in before there are tears or restlessness involving the kids. 

We always start with the group shot and then we get all the shots with little ones needed before they need a break. I as a mom want other parents to look at their family photos and LOVE what they see. And while having a crying baby may be part of reality right now, I know that is not the part you want to remember. You want to see that happy giggly babe in photos to remind you when they were tiny and so sweet. You want to remember the good stuff when you look back.

So I as your photographer do my best and work hard to capture that for you. 

Can I do an extended session in under an hour? 


Will it be anything like this one? No. Less time means less photos. 

Some folks dont want or need the extra shots and thats fine! But for those families that get photos done every couple of years and WANT to have plenty of options, I recommend booking an hour session. 

I hope this little bit of info helps you decide how much time you need for your next extended family session! 

Check out a few highlights from one of my most recent extended family sessions below!