This Anniversary Party is hands down one of my favorite events I've photographed. Matt & Nikki hosted their 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Party in their backyard. When walking up to the backyard there were yard games to play before entering  the fenced in event area. Tables were perfectly decorated with candles and gorgeous colored glassware. A dance floor was placed towards the middle of the yard. Food and drinks were set up for serving while music played. The fence was lined with string lights so once the sun went down it was well lit with the help of the candles on the tables. The ambiance was relaxed and chill and guests came dressed to celebrate!

I've known Matt & Nikki since school so when Nikki mentioned their 10 year Wedding Anniversary was going to be this year I was mind blown that so much time had already passed. One whole decade! Every Anniversary is worth celebrating but I almost feel like seeing people from my generation reach special Anniversaries like the 10th is rare.    Cheers to Matt & Nikki and their sweet family!  Events like this special one are truly an honor to photograph and be a small part in such a big celebration!