Here's your sign to have your session at your home. Whether its an indoor shoot or outdoors, LET'S DO IT! 

When I arrived to Jake & Heather's home I was greeted by their dog, Heidi who obviously was a model in a past life because she did very well during their shoot. They took me from spot to spot, showing me their beautiful homestead telling me about all their handwork and changes they've made already and future plans they have. 

They introduced me to their goats and I came pretty close to bringing one home with me. My kids would have loved landlord, not so much. Add goats to my list of things I want to add to my chaos one day after dogs though!

As we moved through out their shoot they told me how they met and about their love story. Showed me the spot where Jake proposed and how he did it. It was so ROMANTIC!

I loved how relaxed they were through their whole shoot and how they literally fit like a glove together. 

I love LOVE!