I did this shoot a little different than I normally do. I brought a couple stools, blanket and Juliet (my pink chair) to use and set up 4 different areas in one location. While setting up I heard what I assume as an animal in the brush. I coughed to try and scare it away and instead the noise made it mad and started growling and running wild in the brush. I never actually saw what it was but I sure did jump in the truck ready to peal out and say, PEACE OUT!

When Kayla arrived she brought her mama and sweet little Violet. One of my favorite things (totally not necessary  but always welcomed) is when clients bring extra set of hands and eyes to help with little ones during their shoot. Violet was ready to roll when she got out of the car and I knew we had a small window till she would lose interest. 

Their session was short and sweet and a total success! The girls did great during their session with lots of giggling! Photographing mama's with their babies will always be my favorite!  It is truly a privilege to gift mothers something so simple as a glimpse into their lives with their children that will truly be cherished for years to come.

If you are waiting till your hair looks a certain way, till you can fit smaller clothes or whatever your reason may be....your children will only be this way for so long, so book the session! Book it and whether you come dressed up or not it will not matter! You'll never regret gifting your children with photos to match their memories of you in them.