In my early days of working this photography business I wanted to grow by working in more areas. I primarily shoot in Fayette County and decided I wanted to try out the Montgomery area to see how it would go, if I could grow there, new area, new location, new sounded exciting! My boyfriend of the time was from Coffeen so I was always in the area anyways so why not?! One of the families I worked with from Montgomery County way back was The Lentz family! We met them in the middle of nowhere at the prettiest sunflower field and I photographed just the kiddos. They were all so sweet and friendly and I loved being able to meet new people and work in a new location.

So that's how I met and got to know The Lentz family! They have been returning clients ever since and I never feel like I'm "working" when we meet up to shoot! This last session I wanted to try something different and we incorporated awkward posing with my traditional ones. THEY KILLED IT! They had so much fun with it and I love how they turned out. Check them out below!