Happy Monday beautiful souls! Sickness has officially hit my house. Tuck was sent home early Friday afternoon for fever, runny everything and not eating. He was still running around and playing so that at least was a good sign. He was pretty restless at night but still smiling in the mornings. Ty has had a bad cold he just couldn't kick so since he didn't have to wrestle I kept him home so he could get a break and rest up. Wreny has a little cough that I sometimes think she forces just so she can get babied like the boys. Lots of medicine, lots of cuddles but overall a pretty great weekend. 

We didn't do any wrestling this past weekend because Ty was sick but also because we had Christmas with my family on Sunday. I made a cocktail cream cheese & shrimp dip, cherry cheesecake, and had a helping hand in making the deviled eggs. I'm never one to really put much effort in bringing food to holidays so this was an adult accomplishment for me. There was ham, yams, rolls, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, cookies, and pumpkin pie along with what I brought. It was all so delicious! 

The kids made out like little bandits with their gifts and I brought home some goodies too. This Christmas I gave everyone the same thing. I announced that I splurged and went for the 3-ply and was able to swing giving everyone TWO rolls of toilet paper. We also handed out the kids' Christmas photos this year to everyone. I was able to print those with my new photo printer (I freaking LOVE it!).

After filling our bellies, opening gifts and helping with clean up we headed to the park! 

If you haven't visited the lights display at Vandalia parks trail, you are missing out! Olde Tyme Christmas Presents: A Festival of Lights! The Irish twins loved walking through the park with their Nana (and me...but I'm chopped liver when Nana is around lol) looking at all the beautiful lights. Having kids this little truly brings so much joy to my heart to see Christmas and all the amazing wonders through their eyes. 

Kids are still sickish or at least snotty still. Nothing a couple onions in their socks tonight can't help with!

I hope you all stay safe, healthy, and warm! Forecast is looking narly  for the end of this week!