It was cloudy/raining on the day of Lilly's senior session. It somehow worked in our favor to stop raining long enough to get her session done before it stared raining all over again. She had her sister Kayla come along for the ride to be her escort to drive while she changed clothes in the car and hype her up, making sure she looked her best and was having fun the whole time. (I highly recommend bringing a hype person for individual/senior sessions!)

We started Lilly's session at a popular location thats a hidden gem in Vandalia, the trail behind the FCHD. There we incorporated my clear umbrella and had fun using it as a prop. From there we drove out the lake where Lilly got into the chilly water for some of my favorite shots. (She was such a trooper!) After that we wrapped up her session by going out to the old bridge. There both Kayla & Lilly enjoyed torturing my scaredy cat self with the bridge and heights and such. Pretty sure I saw our lives flash before my eyes multiple times at that last spot.

Check out some of Lilly's gorgeous photos down below!