When first starting out with photography it can sometimes be hard to find someone willing to be in front of your camera while you try to figure out your camera and practice shooting & posing. One of my favorite things that I always recommend  doing is doing a Model Call. Model Calls not only benefit the photographer but should benefit your model(s) too. When I do Model Calls I usually only shoot up to an hour and either give the full gallery with print release or 10 images with print release with the option to purchase more. It just depends on the type of session and moving factors. 

Even now days I still do random Model Calls looking to bring a vision of mine to life. My most recent Model Call was earlier this year. I had a vision of a large family with 4+ kiddos and both parents in a woodsy area. So I posted the Model Call on my JBP's VIP Facebook Group and waited to see if any of my VIP's would be interested. Thankfully this wonderful family reached out! 

We all met out in my special location out in the middle of nowhere one evening in late spring / early summer. This family was so sweet and fun to work with! The older boys were hands on deck with helping chase after kids and keeping the mood light and fun. They all were wonderful! At one point we went on a bear hunt but sadly no bears were found.

Model Calls can be beneficial for practicing camera settings, posing, or just to add to your portfolio.  I hope this little bit of information helps someone who might feel stuck or for a way to help them grow as a photographer!