Let me start this blog off by saying that I do NOT specialize in newborn photography. What does that mean? I don't do 2+ hour sessions that include ALL the cute newborn outfits, wraps and props. Over the years I have done my own babies newborn photos and a couple friends newborn photos.

The sessions usually last minimum of 30 mins and at least 2-3 outfit changes if we're lucky! I don't do any fancy posing because as I said above, I am not trained. So we keep it simple by keeping baby on their back mostly and if they've lost their umbilical cord we will attempt a cute belly pose.

My biggest thing is to keep baby happy and safe during their session and keep the session flowing. If we have to stop for a diaper change, feeding, or to calm baby...by golly let mama take care of her baby. My newborn photography isn't fancy but it still gets the job done.

Clients receive beautiful images from their newborn session that last generations! Who doesn't love looking back at baby photos of themselves and family members?! Time is a thief but thankfully photography helps transport you back to a moment in time you treasure.

This sweet girl is my niece River Mae who was my 5th baby I've had the privilege to photograph!