I looked at the calendar this morning when I got to work and couldn't believe it, only 20 more days till Christmas! Seems so far away but I know if I blink it'll already be here. That's just how times been going lately, unexpectedly fast.

I drove to Edwardsville Saturday to cheer on Ty at his first wrestling tournament. I was so nervous for him I couldn't eat let alone sit with all the other waiting parents. Round 1 came and he pinned the kid in 0:19, WIN! I hooped and hollered, I was so proud of him! I talked to him about his next round which was against an East STL kiddo. Win round 2 and he'd get first. Lose round 2 he would get second. He would place either way. He wanted first and boy did he work hard for it. I was screaming from across the gym cheering him on and kept apologizing to the parents around me, I just wanted my kid to hear me. The whistle blew and both boys got up, shook hands and the ref held up my kiddos hand, WINNER! This mama was literally jumping and screaming with excitement! I've waited a long time to finally see Ty wrestle on the mat.

I put him in wrestling 7 years ago when he was 4 but we never got past wrestling practice. Don't get me wrong, he loved it but he just wasn't there in the focus department to actually put him in tournaments to wrestle other kids. So this has been a long time coming for this mama to see her baby on the mat.

I hope you all are staying happy & healthy and getting all that Christmas shopping done beautiful souls!