Photographing events such as baby showers is something I normally don't do but none the less still enjoyed doing. This particular baby shower was my sisters so I helped with the planning and decorating before hand with my mama. My mama deserves all the credit for choosing the theme, decorations, cake and sweet treats and punch. She did all the heavy work and it turned out absolutely beautiful. My job was to bring a backdrop, Juliet (my pink chair), help set up & tear down and photograph the event.

Once all set up I began photographing details as guests arrived. It was not at all a HUGE extravagant event. The guests easily filled 3-4 tables with familiar faces from my sisters side of the family along with her boyfriend Austin & his sweet parents. We played games, she opened gifts and everyone enjoyed grabbing a few sweet treats to snack on.

There were so many sweet gifts for baby River. Some homemade, some off their baby registry and some were just peoples favorite baby items they used with their own kids. None the less they were showered with love and support through this special event.

At the end clean up was a breeze. A few of the guests helped tear everything down, clean and even put chairs on the tables we used at the venue. I always feel like parties like this are never long enough but just long enough to wear ya out by the end of it all.

Whether you hire a photographer like me or snap your own photos...JUST MAKE SURE YOU CAPTURE THIS SPECIAL MOMENT!