Little Miss Avery turned ONE! 

Listen, I love all of my returning clients. It's truly a blessing to watch my clients' families grow from behind my camera and capture precious moments they will cherish forever, for generations to come.

Part of Avery's session was a Pop-Up Studio that we set up in her Granny's living room and the other part was outside since the daffodils were blooming! 

I don't advertise the Pop-Up Studio but it is something I do offer. It's where I bring literally everything from the backdrop, the backdrop stands, lighting, flooring if I need it..the whole shebang. Clients usually have me set up in their living room or garage, wherever they have plenty of space for me to set up and work in. When I do the studio set up I try to keep it as simple as I can due to lack of space to transport and so I can quickly put up and tear down. This is important because setting up and tearing down are part of your session time. So the more complicated the set up, the less time to shoot. 

For Avery's session I brought the cutest little cowgirl themed backdrop, perfect for 1st birthday photos. Her mom incorporated her giraffe collection, and various other toys. We also recreated a few photos from Avery's newborn session that involved her big brother. There was lots of bribing with snacks for her not to cry or to sit still but I think she did GREAT nonetheless!!! (I fully support bribery, especially at sessions when kiddos just aren't feeling it or for husbands who really aren't haha!) When we went outside she was all smiles and giggles, clearly in her happy place. I am so glad we finished her session on a good note!

Check out some of Avery's 1st birthday photo session below!