I'm not gonna lie...winter is my LEAST favorite season here in Illinois. It really wouldn't be all that bad if the winter wouldn't blow so bitterly. But I gotta admit there's just something magical about a winter session. Here's my top 6 reasons why you should do a winter session.

  1. Sweater Weather : winter attire can be dressed up or down and on non-windy days you can easily get away with just your warm sweater.
  2. Possibility of snow : Illinois weather can be pretty unpredictable no matter what the season but most winters we get at least one good snow day that is PERFECT for winter photos.
  3. Winter Lighting : The lighting is limited, subtle, and so soft on skin tones.
  4. Less Crowded : With it being colder temps most locations don't have as many people.
  5. Unique Backgrounds: Trees are bear, grass is brown, and the sky is softer even at sunset.
  6. Shorter Session: 30 minute sessions are the max amount of time I book during winter season. Mostly because it's cold but also because the days are shorter too so I'm not able to book as many hour sessions vs 30 minute sessions.

I hope these help convince you to book a winter session! Right now my 30 minute sessions are discounted for January, February, and March! Fill out the contact form here on my website for more info!