Back  in March I did a Model Call for Mommy+Me Mini's Ad. 

I had a few different ladies reach out and they all were perfect for it. It was so hard to choose so I left the choosing up to a magic name wheel on the web. That's how Melissa was chosen. 

My set up  was so simple, I loved it! I used two white top sheets to create my base and background. Added a stool and a cute pop of color and wahhhlaaa! Add mama bear and her baby and it was perfect!

Melissa had brought her husband with her so when I was done shooting for my Mommy + Me Ad I  asked him if he would be willing to model for the Daddy + Me Mini Ad while he was there. Thankfully he agreed to do it and little man hung in for a little bit longer for pictures. 

They all did GREAT! Seriously one of the sweetest families I've worked with.