Sport Sessions last between 5-15 minutes usually. They are quick and easy (most of the time painless) AND FUN! I started offering sport sessions when a client reached out and asked if I would take her kiddos wrestling photos. Let's be real, sports packages (let alone any photography package) is not always feasible when you have multiple kids and on a budget. I LOVE Ty's football photos that were taken but I also plan on doing our own with a personal touch since I didn't order a whole lot originally for family (mom fail). 

On the morning of Hunters session I drove by most of the ball fields and found they were all being used. My thoughts were, we could always just do them at the park and they will look fine. Thankfully Cindy mentioned ONE more ball field to try and it wasn't being used when we got there. BUT! We knew we had a short amount of time since there were people beginning to show up for their next game. Less than 5 mins and I had enough shots of Hunter to deliver a gallery and we were done before the field was taken over by players. 

Quick, easy & fun!