I love it when clients come to me with an idea and I can run with it!

Sweet Ember turned 1 earlier this year and her mama loved the idea of doing a steak smash instead of cake. I had the perfect background for it so all Amy needed to bring with her was Ember, any props & outfits, and of course the steak. 

Right now my studio is either my front enclosed porch or on site location. This session was still winter temps so I knew we'd need an indoor location, one that held heat better than my  porch. Not very often will I ask to borrow my parents living room for a session but on occasion I will invade their space for sweet sessions like this. 

I ordered this super cute backdrop almost a year before we ever used it. Everyone seemed to be loving the cow theme for nurseries so I wanted to have something I knew clients would like as an option. 

Once I was all set up and Ember was ready to roll we wasted no time getting her down on the floor playing and smiling. She is such a DOLL! After we got all the clean photos I needed, Amy brought out the steak. Let me tell ya, that little girl did not waste time exploring it! 

This session was unique and fun in so many ways. It was one for the books!

If you have a unique fun photo idea please don't hesitate to reach out! I love bringing clients' visions to life! It brings me so much joy and I love being able to be creative doing what I love.