I had a vision that involved a couple love birds, pick-up truck, after dark, out in the middle of nowhere. So I did a model call and chose two couples that both fit the vision perfectly. My first couple was Isaac & Lacey, one of my favorite couples to use for model calls. They are so in sync with each other and seriously the sweetest to work with! They have been published multiple times over the last couple years, twice being cover photos! They bring my visions to life every time I work with them & their style is, *chefs kiss*.

My second couple was Hunter & Taylor, my newbies! I had never worked with either of them before so I was excited they answered my model call.

Both couples brought their white Ford pick-up trucks out, dressed the part & brought THE HEAT!

This was definitely an experiment kind of session. It was pitch black at our location once the sun went down and all I knew was I was gonna need my flash. Wrong...I needed more than just my handy flash. I end up using the truck lights and at other times my cell phone flash light to help with lighting. All in all both sessions went great, I loved working with both couples, and LOVED how their photos turned out.