Meet Ashley & Brady! I've known both of them since we were all kids. My mom use to babysit Brady and his brother Brice once upon a time and I remember Ashley as one of the "girl twins" from church. When we were teenagers/young adults I worked with Ashley and her sister Kelsey at McDonalds for awhile. Ya know, the good ol days!

Let me just set the scene for y'all......

I've watched the weather all week leading up to this session. I've watched the radar and KNOW rain is coming again. I met my sweet couple at the Dollar General so they could follow me to the exact location inside the park, making it easier. My first mistake, I missed the turn for the State Park off the highway. (insert face palm here) We go down and find a road to turn around on and go back, made it the 2nd go! We park and get out and almost immediately it begins to rain. 

NO WORRIES! I brought my fancy clear umbrellas! Ashley & Brady were both such good sports about it they wanted to keep going. My camera on the other hand was not a fan and kept throwing fits throughout the session. We kept going though! 

Ashley wore a stunning long sleeve maternity gown in the color black. Girlfriend was glowing y'all, she was stunning. Brady wore nice jeans and a nice button down shirt. They looked so sweet together, excited parents for sure!

They were wanting to incorporate smoke bombs into the session to create a rainbow since little Miss Lettie is their rainbow baby. I loved the idea of the smoke bombs but nothing was really available with what we would need for photos. They needed to be able to last long enough to get a couple poses in before they'd all go out. And did I mention they are on the expensive side when you need 7 of them for one round?! So we decided to do something a little different and used balloons instead. Thankfully I have the hook up for balloons and was able to blow them up before leaving work that day. 

We were about 30 minutes into their session and we called it quits due to the rain getting heavier and the wind blowing, it was no longer safe and we were all drenched. 

Little Miss Lettie is here now and they are THE SWEETEST parents! I met with them when she was still an infant and seeing them both over the moon with her just melted my heart. I love seeing people happy and doing well in life!

Sessions don't always go as planned. Sometimes it can be a wardrobe malfunction, littles not happy about picture, a husband not happy about pictures, the weather, or a location being damaged or already being used by another photographer. In all of those instances it's easy to get upset and frustrated but remember beautiful souls, I am here to help you in any way that I can! We will get those beautiful family photos you are wanting one way or another. I want you to have those just as much as you do! Stay cool & calm and we'll figure it out together.