I had a vision for a best friend photoshoot that I wanted to bring to life. 

-2 bestys

-cooler of alcohol

-middle of nowhere

When I did the model call I had plenty of besties reaching out but Heather & Maegan were the first in line. I know Maegan from back in our school days and Heather and I go way back. Our friendship dates all the way back to preschool age. We've been on some wild adventures together thanks to our Girl Scout days. 

 I gave the girls some pretty easy instructions. Wear black, bring booze, come ready for an adventure. I knew these two would be a good time and perfect for the shoot. 

The location we used was an old bridge that literally is falling apart right off the highway. We started with the basics and broke out the booze. Before I knew it they were fishing off the side of the bridge and giggling together. 

This session was so much fun and these gorgeous ladies were perfect for my vision. If you have a besty, DO A BESTY PHOTOSHOOT! It doesn't have to involve alcohol to make it fun if you aren't drinkers. Sometimes sipping your sweet tea out in the middle of nowhere is just what the doctor ordered.