I love everything to do with doing a Funeral themed photoshoot to celebrate turning 30! I did it myself with one of my childhood bestfriends who's also a photographer and loved everything about it. So when Lindsay told me she wanted to do her own Funeral for her 20's I was beyond excited!

I don't normally do butt crack of dawn photoshoots but when I do...they are always fabulous and 100% worth it. We met in Vandalia before the sun started to rise so she could follow me out to location. The location was literally out in BFE, not hard to get to but not easy to find driving in the dark.

When we arrived to location we found Juliet (my vintage PINK tall back chair) waiting in the opening for us. See part of my problem was I now drive a small car. I love everything about my car other than the fact I sit low to the ground and have no room to be the independent boss babe I am. So I had to ask someone to drive her out there for me, no problem. Fun fact though...I had to figure out a way to fit her in my car to get her home though. Dark, spooky, woods just before dusk was a total vibe. Add Juliet and it was the perfect accent to the dark and moody vibe.

Lindsay wore the cutest ripped black pants with a black lace top that had the most gorgeous scalloped back. She was STUNNING! She brought with her black number balloons for 3-0 and a bottle of her favorite wine to use. I had also brought a bouquet of flowers that I had painted black and a bar stool to also use.

Everything about this session was bad ass and fun and a great way to start my morning. If you have a birthday coming up and you want to do a photoshoot, I would love to help plan it! Every birthday is worth celebrating!