Something I'm grateful my parents did while I was growing up was push (sometimes SHOVE) me out of my comfort zone. I've always been an introverted shy awkward kid. So the idea of going to a dance STRESSED ME OUT. What do I wear? What if my friends don't go? What if a boy actually asks me to dance?!!! Dances are suppose to be fun social events for kids but yet I found them to be an idea from my nightmares. I never wanted to go. But I did because my parents always made me go, even in High School.

Something they always made sure to do was snap a couple of before photos before I was off to my doom. Dressed in a new dress & heals. My hair would be curled, mostly always up. I would have the bare minimal of makeup on (never an eye brow to be seen in any photos from my youth). And I would be smiling because my mom would be growling how she just wants ONE nice photo of me since I'm all dressed up.

Those were the days.

I recently updated my packages to include a Sports/Dance Photos Package. This package is for those special moments in your kiddos young life that you want to remember. The session usually lasts 5-15 minutes and I include 5+ images in an online gallery where parents can download and print wherever they'd like or just simply share on their social media.

This past spring I was asked to take these two youngins, 8th grade dance photos. It unfortunately began to rain. If you are primarily an outdoor based photographer you really don't have any other option than to cancel. Thankfully one of the moms was able to find a location for us to use! We all met downtown at the beauty salon, Vibrant Styles. It's brick walls, string lights and openness has a relaxing bright feel to it, I love how they have it set up in there! I was able to take photos from up above (the owner, Abby's idea) of just the two of them dancing and a few other shots around the salon. It was a good time!

These special moments are just short lived moments in time that last a lifetime with a photograph. They aren't just for the kids to have but the parents and family too.