When I first arrived to Britney's house for their family session I was met by her super friendly dog! I went up to the door of the house and knocked with no answer. WEIRD! So I shoot her a message letting her know I had arrived but kinda think I'm at the wrong place....while trying to figure things out I played frisbee with her dog who loved the unexpected attention from a stranger.

yep....I was at her house when I was suppose to be at her parents house. So she sent me directions from her house and I was off to try and find them! I honestly was winging it the entire way hoping and praying I was following her directions correctly. We were quickly losing light, I was in the middle of NOWHERE and had NO CELL SIGNAL so as soon as I saw a couple people outside I bravely pulled in to ask for help. (and no, I didn't think about the fact I was a stranger and they probably had guns or something)

Just a couple country boys outside working on a car. I explained what was going on and who I was looking for and THANKFULLY one of the boys knew my girl Britney by her maiden name so I could confirm thats who I was looking for and they got me back on the road! Not to far down the road I passed Britney and her hubs looking for my lost butt and we soon all arrived at her parents house.

This session was probably THE SHORTEST and THE SWEETEST shoot I did overall for my 2023 season. Because right before I started shooting they informed me that Britney and her hubs were expecting!!!! I was so shocked and so excited for them!

So we did a few family shots with them and her parents and brother and then did some sweet baby announcement shots for them to use when they were ready to tell everyone. SO STINKING SWEET!!! Love everything about this session from the adventure on finding the location to finding out they were expecting. 10/10 highly recommend doing your next family session on family property, even if its in the middle of nowhere (I'll get there one way or another!)