Something I've been asked to do over the years by some fabulous ladies is...

BOUDOIR SHOOTS! I've done a handful over the years and generally they are done in my clients home. I've done just the ladies and I've also done a couple boudoir session too! I do not share boudoir sessions on my website or Facebook because these are intimate & private sessions. Below are a few tips & tricks on how to prepare for your boudoir session so you are ready to rock and roll when it comes to the day of your session.

-Practice Hair & makeup BEFORE your session

Girl,if you have a look you love for hair or makeup or both but have never done before...PRACTICE before your session. Please don't wait till the day...

If you practice beforehand you will know how long it takes you to do it and you will be able to tweek it to fit you so you know how you'd like to do it the day of. 

There are TONS of youtube videos on hair and makeup that are easy to follow along with and learn along the way. 

If you are having someone else do your hair and makeup be sure to do a trial run before too!

-Do not try tanning right before your session

If you are wanting to look tan for your shoot. please don't wait till the day before or day of to go tan or get a spray tan or even self tanner unless you know how your skin reacts. 

The last thing you want is to look orange or red in your photos. You want to look spicy hot, not cheeto hot. 

-Plan 2-3 outfits

Choose outfits you feel sexy and COMFORTABLE in. This is so important, if you are not feeling an outfit it will reflect in your body language and will reflect in your photos. Take your time in choosing what you'll wear and make sure to try it on before to make sure it fits how you want it to. 

-Choose a location that you are comfortable in

Whether this is your home, a motel, the middle of woods. Everyone is different! I will not do a boudoir shoot in a public setting so please make sure it's a private setting.

-Create a Pinterest Board!

I'm a millennial and LOVE pinterest still! There are so many good and valuable things on there and one of those being INSPO for boudoir shoots! You can find inspo in outfits, hair & makeup, themes, what you like on board all to itself and then send it to me! For me it helps me see your vision of how you'd like your session to go and my job is to create that for you the best way I can! I LOVE vision boards!

-Choose a Playlist

Choose music that helps you relax, keeps the vibe good, and makes you want to sing along or even dance! Crank that music up while you are getting ready that day and remember to have fun!

These are just a few tips to help make your boudoir session fabulous and fun! I hope these help! If you are interested in booking a boudoir session with me, please fill out the contact form, I'd love to chat!