7 years ago I put my rowdy ambitious little boy into wrestling. He loved going to practice and learning new things but he wasn't ready for tournaments that first year. The following year he didn't act interested so I didn't push for him to do it another year. Fast forward to this past fall. I was at work when the phone rang, it was Ty. "Mom, I need you to bring me some shorts to school please." I asked if he had ripped his pants, again. "Pshh..NO MOM! I'm staying after school for wrestling practice. Can you bring them to me please?!" Wrestling? This kid hadn't made a single peep about wanting to do wrestling and all of sudden he's got practice?

I walked into the school office and laid his clothes on the counter and asked the ladies if there was wrestling practice tonight, because I hadn't heard about it till Ty called which sounded off. Coach was hosting open mats for kids to come in after school preseason to try it out. He was hooked after that and wrestling quickly became one of his main focuses. He's taken EVERY opportunity offered to him with extra practices (weight lifting) and wrestling for Varsity any time they needed him. I am just SO proud of his hard work and determination this year. My kiddo made it all the way to Regionals with the team and as a TEAM they brought home TEAM STATE CHAMPIONS! Super proud of Ty and his team & coaches for all their hard work! GO VANDALS!