It's been a busy weekend with sports. Our sports weekend began Thursday evening with a home wrestling meet for Ty. Litchfield and Roxanna came to town and Ty was suppose to wrestle expedition. For some reason Roxanna left early so he missed out.

Friday night Wreny had her first basketball night. There were tears and plenty of whining till she finally joined the other kids in practice.

On Saturday Ty had a tournament in O'fallon. He lost his first two matches and won his 3rd against the biggest kid in his bracket. He brought home 3rd.

Sunday Ty had another tournament but in Vandalia. It was a packed house, there was no where to sit. Ty lost his first match, won his second, and lost his 3rd. Between matches Ty and I hung out downstairs in the cafeteria where we actually had seats. Between his 2nd and 3rd matches he was playing dodgeball with some other kids. Someone turned out the lights and another someone else hit Ty in the head with a wet floor sign. I was one hot mama when I found out. Who to blame though? Nothing can be done if you don't know who did what. After making sure he was ok I told him to take the anger he was feeling and put it on the mat and boy did he. He worked hard and barely lost his last match by a couple points. By the end of the day he was done and ready to go home, didn't even wait for his trophy.

Ty makes me so proud with how hard he's working & I am so proud of Wreny for trying something new!

Kinda funny how my "slow season" is actually fast and crazy. Wouldn't trade these memories for anything!!!

(I'll try to get some photos of Wreny playing basketball next time!)

(Cover Photo credits go to VJWC, JBP (myself!) took the photos below)